We Lend Money

We're good at it. We've been doing it for years.

Our approach roots from our experience in financing, developing, and managing all types of investment properties.

Boston Trust is a portfolio lender dedicated to meeting the demands of time-sensitive transactions by financing investments for residential, small commercial property, land, and construction projects in Massachusetts.

We know that speed and creative solutions are often essential tools for real estate investors. Time can be the difference between losing a deal or closing a deal. We Get It!

That’s why our underwriting is more flexible than that of many banks. We can close more types of deals within tight time deadlines and get you the funds you need when you need them. That’s why, for over 25 years, we have become the preferred lender for leading real estate investors, mortgage brokers and realtors.

27 Years

We've been serving the greater Boston area

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$1 Billion

Transactions completed by our teams.

7 Days

To close if needed

* Opening October 2019